Top 7 Bedtime Raw Diets

Top 7 Bedtime Raw Diets To Eliminate Excess Fat

Let us share you a prefect ‘Top 7 Bedtime Raw Diets‘ It’s good to start dinner with 1/4 liters of fresh raw vegetable juice. It is way easier to digest in the digestive system than the soup. The pure celery or carrot juice is the best juices that can be drunk before each meal.

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Then eat some salad. The salads can be prepared differently, you can freely improvise. Rarely after the consumption of salad, someone wants to eat something else.

Try these 7 raw diets, you can eat them as you want for dinner.


Fruits, 2 or 3 mature, peeled dates,
1/2 chopped pear over it put a few ground almonds
1/4 l fresh raw carrot juice


Strawberries with a little honey and sour cream (from raw milk)
1/4 l pure, raw, fresh celery juice


Fresh and juicy peaches. Add a few dates
1/4 l fresh, raw carrot juice and celery


Red, fresh raspberries, if you want to add some honey and sour cream (from raw milk)
1/4 l fresh, raw juice from vegetables


Cherries, mature, sweet
1/4 liters of carrot juice and also celery


Grapes, one cluster
1/4 l fresh, raw carrot juice, also celery, and parsley


Olives and celery
1/4 l of apple juice and rosehip
Fresh pineapple
Ground almonds

If the body at first has problems with the abundance of 7 bedtime raw diets, then you need to drink more raw, fresh juices and eat lots of raw fruit because their cellulose fibers are easier to digest than green salads and vegetables.

You must not forget that the body has less need for7 bedtime raw diets than cooked food. The theory of calories, according to which the meal is made according to caloric values, is meaningless. Raw foods contain all the calories and all the things that the body needs, first of all when it is complemented with fresh, raw juices. That’s why we do not need any extra calories. We need chemical elements, minerals, salts, vitamins and enzymes in an organic, living form.


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