3 Suggestions for Fitness in Bed

Fitness in Bed, apart from the specific workouts that require the use of the appropriate appliances, fitness exercises can be performed without problems at home.

Even in the bedroom. We can calmly apply them in the morning as we wake up after the alarm or at night while we relax our minds and get ready for a dream. A few days off holiday is a very good occasion to start.

Fitness exercises, comfortable to perform and in bed, do not pose a risk of overload but are energy-intensive, labor-intensive and effective for burning calories.

Leaving them half an hour each morning or evening while we lie down in bed, we can rest assured that we add to our daily physical program a new and effective tool. This is particularly true for people who direct their fitness efforts to strengthen and shape the abdomen, hips and shoulders.

Planck is an exercise that almost does not match the simplicity of performance and the benefits it brings. In the bed, we can perform several rancid varieties of the striker – lateral with alternating hands as a stand, classic with the elbows resting with a straight and extended back, or so called.

A dolphin sticker on which we lean against the palms and lift the back with a 45-degree curve in the waist. Individual varieties can be applied individually or alternated in a 60 second series.
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Lifting the thighs with back support and feet

As shown in the picture, this exercise is extremely comfortable and allows maintaining almost complete body stiffness with active use of only the femurs and calves.

For extra load and increase of the effect, the hands may not stick to the bed, parallel to the body, but be placed on the thighs, and may even hold additional weights on them.

Lifting and lowering the thighs is done in a series lasting at least 1 minute.

Russian twist – perfect for compensating for overeating with Bulgarian puzzles.
Where the name of this exercise comes from, the story is silent, but its benefits are well known. It is equally effective for back and waist muscles, hips, abdomen and torso.

The Russian Twist can be played in a series of 45 seconds, up to 1 minute each. For ease of use you can rely on a simple scheme – for each slice of cozonac – a 45 second series; for each next egg – one minute one, etc …

Planck, femoral exercises and the Russian twist are just some of the effective exercises we can start or finish with and are comfortable to complement each fitness regimen. An added plus is the convenience and minimal risk of overloading and injuries.

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