Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Might Be the Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight, are you are going thru a tough time? Do you follow a healthy balanced diet and exercise regularly, yet nothing happens? Do not feel sad or as you are not doing enough since there might be a clinical explanation behind this.

Susie Burrell, the Australian dietitian, says that there is a common hormonal problem which might explain why certain people difficulty have to lose the unwanted weight.

That medical reason is insulin resistance. In case of high insulin levels in the bloodstream that over time can lead to insulin resistance. This might explain why you are not able to lose weight regardless of how much exercise you do or what you eat.

Here is the Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight

Insulin resistance is actually a clinical condition where the hormone insulin no longer works as it should. Insulin is actually secreted by the pancreas to control the blood sugar levels in the body.

According to Susie Burrell, many factors such as genetics, a diet high in processed carbs and inactive lifestyle might cause the insulin to become less efficient at processing the sugar. The sugar people consume in carbs such as fruit, cereal, and bread.

When the insulin is not working as is should, your body is forced to make more and more insulin just to process the same amount of sugar. Sugar you consume in foods which fuels the brain and muscles.

The bad thing about weight control is that more insulin in the body means the harder to burn fat.

To be more precise this means that in case of insulin resistance, you may be eating healthy and exercising regularly and you still might be unable to lose the unwanted weight.

Reason Why You Can’t Lose Weight


A common sign of insulin resistance is fatigue. It is like that since the sugar is not taken to the cells as it should be.

Also, another common thing is the sugar cravings. It is like that since sugar, and insulin levels fluctuate throughout the entire day. However, the most common sign is how fat is deposited on your body.

This is like that since insulin deposits fat around the abdomen. That is why people who have serious insulin resistance have a large belly.


You should know that the standard diet which is high in carb and low in fat and rich in low-fat snacks, whole grains and fruit might worsen the condition and prevent weight loss.

Susie explains that highly processed foods rich in carbs leads to high insulin release. You should know that the more insulin at one time, the less likely to burn body fat.

Therefore, people who have insulin resistance need to maintain a diet low in carbs and high in protein.

But, that does not necessarily mean to get rid of all carbs. It means to combine small amounts of carbs with foods rich in protein like nuts, dairy, eggs, meat, and fish. In case you suspect to be insulin resistant, make sure to consult your doctor and do a glucose tolerance test.

The best diet to boost weight loss with insulin resistance in the long term is a calorie controlled diet with moderate levels of protein and carbs. This diet plan is best developed by a dietitian specialist in diets for issues like insulin resistance.

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