Wipe The Wrinkles Off Your Face In a Short Time By Just Using Ice

Wipe The Wrinkles off, all women have a desire to keep their skin completely smooth, soft and without any impurities or worse, wrinkles, but unfortunately these last ones are practically inevitable, because with the passing of the years the aging becomes present even though it is not, we want.

Prefect remedy for Wipe the Wrinkles off Your Face

However, there are several practical methods to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and as an extra bonus, avoid acne, blemishes and blackheads on the face. One of those methods is ice cubes, which benefit us proportionally as we apply it on the face or body.


It turns out that ice is not only used to cool our drinks or keep our food in low temperature to preserve them, but it is also excellent to rejuvenate the skin, because its low degrees act in the dermis immediately after its application or friction, changing immediately the areas wrinkled by a smooth surface, this thanks to the system of dermal protection against the cold.

In what ways can ice help us?

Wipe The Wrinkles Off Your Face – Close the pores:

When passing a piece of ice on your face, you will make the pores close and this is excellent, because this way you will prevent the bacteria and other dirt that are in the environment from penetrating your skin and causing the mortality of the dermal cells. In addition, with this you will be avoiding other ailments such as those explained below.

It stimulates a good circulation:

When the veins become inflamed, there is no good blood circulation and makes the face look thicker than it actually is. Therefore, we must circulate a cube of ice across the face, so we allow the blood to circulate regularly, and we will provide more oxygen to the face, rejuvenating it considerably.

Eradicates acne:

As ice reduces inflammations until they disappear, it is excellent for causing blackheads, blackheads and other imperfections of this nature to be eliminated. Try to leave the ice cube for at least 2 minutes in each inflamed area.

Eliminate wrinkles:

By closing the pores and combating inflammation, it is also stimulating the skin for the total elimination of premature wrinkles, as well as slowing down its appearance as a result of natural aging. Remember that the body has a defensive reaction to cold temperatures and that body response tersa skin.

Relieves pain:

Many people have used it and claim that it is very good. The ice to be placed in the painful areas causes a sense of relief, also causes the muscles to loosen and allow the blood to circulate properly, taking with it the pain.

Stops bleeding:

When you have a wound, it is advisable to apply pressure and place an ice pack directly on the injured area for at least 10 minutes, so that bleeding stops, recirculates through the body and stimulates rapid healing.

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