Why The Bad Habit Of Drinking Coffee Delays Weight Loss

Scientists state that this drinking coffee is bothering the body’s ability to burn fat. In the morning, at noon and even at dinner, people tend to drink coffee. I did it, I was a coffee drinker, but one day I discovered that coffee was slowing my weight loss …

Besides, if I did not drink coffee I felt low in energy, I needed it as fuel …

When I decided to transform my life, I eliminated the refreshments and coffee from my diet, then I began to notice the changes in weight and measurements …

And that’s when you drink coffee, you add milk, sugar and even whipped cream all this can add a lot of calories.

For example, a frappuccino, can have up to 700 calories, which is equivalent to a meal, unbelievable true …

Studies have shown that coffee contains an antioxidant called chlorogenic acid or CGA, which increases insulin resistance, sensitivity to glucose and makes you gain weight.

Scientists say that coffee can interrupt your body’s ability to process and burn fat for use as energy …

Here is the bad habit of drinking coffee.

Coffee may help you to be more active, but the reality is that it has side effects in our body.

So, even if you exercise, eat healthy and count calories every day …

If you continue drinking coffee, you will continue in an uphill battle.

And it could be almost impossible to lose weight and lose weight.

To make matters worse, coffee also increases stress levels, which can cause you to store more fat in areas such as the back, thighs, belly and arms.

Below, I describe some of the undesirable effects that coffee produces …

1. Cellulite

Coffee can cause cellulite. This is because caffeine causes dehydration and causes the body to keep the water accumulated.

Fluid retention is one of the most common causes of cellulite.


Since I was little I used to listen to my grandmothers when they said that if they did not drink a cup of cofee they would have a headache all day …

And they were absolutely right and that is that when there is an addiction to it, the body asks for the amount of caffeine to which you are accustomed …

What starts with a cup, becomes two or three and so on until you end up drinking  all day …

Then in the absence of it you may experience headaches, trembling hands and sweating.

3. Insomnia

If you drink coffee during the night before going to bed, rest assured that you will have an impossible mission to fall asleep.

Coffee will keep you awake and you will not be able to rest during the night, so you should avoid it.

4.High blood pressure

Caffeine increases blood pressure, although the effect is temporary, if a person drinks a lot  it can start to be hypertensive.

So if you experience some health problems I recommend that you stop drinking it once and for all and forever.


It is scientifically proven that taking more than three cups a day for years can lead to more fragile bones.

It is scientifically proven that for every 100 milligrams of coffee the body loses 6 milligrams of calcium.

The risk of osteoporosis increases and you are more likely to have the disease.

Particularly for us women, coffee is much more harmful because it prevents us from absorbing calcium

6. Menstrual syndrome

To avoid a long and strong menstrual syndrome then avoid it..

Scientists discovered that women who experience a strong and long-lasting menstrual syndrome may have it even worse if they drink it.

In fact, this can mean an increased risk of suffering from diabetes.

But calm, the best way to stop drinking  it is replacing it with a drink that is completely natural ….

I replaced it with an almost magical drink called Oolong tea …

Oolong tea gave me the opportunity to start my days with energy in a healthy and natural way …

Also, it helped me improve my weight loss results.

Once you start drinking two cups of Oolong tea a day, combined with regular exercise, a balanced diet and drinking lots of water …

The kilos will begin to disappear without much effort.

And all thanks to Oolong tea.

But how does IM Oolong tea work?

IM Oolong tea literally accelerates your metabolism by 43%.

When you drink IM Oolong tea, your metabolic rate increases, and your body then needs more energy to carry out its daily functions.

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