This Is The Disease Caused By Eating a Lot of Meat

Eating a Lot of Meat is not good choice, but in the diet, you need to have a balanced health, however, eat much meat can raise the level of uric acid, a chemical waste of the human body when not removed properly, can cause joint pain and diseases such as the drop.

Eating a lot of meat causes gout

High levels of uric acid can form solid crystals that are deposited in the joints, leading to episodes of acute pain and in some cases, other diseases.

This condition is medically known as hyperuricemia.

And what is uric acid? It is a chemical that exists in the human body and that comes mostly from the consumption of foods and drinks rich in purines. A minimal part is produced by the body naturally.

Meat is a food that if consumed in excess, that is, more than two servings a day, promotes the increase of uric acid in the body.

The ideal is that you choose fresh and reduced fat meats and that you consume less than 350 grams daily. If you exceed this amount, you have more risk of increasing the consumption of purines that if not metabolized well, raise the uric acid in the blood, causing joint problems .

The Association for Cancer Research of the United States recommends eating only 400g of red meat per week.

In addition, consuming proteins from meat in excess, is to liver, kidney and bone problems.

But not only red meat in excess can harm us, also sausages, fish and seafood increase uric acid in the body.

Why is it bad to accumulate uric acid?

The problem begins because the kidneys are not able to completely eliminate it from the bloodstream.

This causes microscopic crystals of uric acid to form in the joints, causing inflammation and a lot of pain. Popularly, this is known as gout.

The gout attacks are usually very painful and uncomfortable, so the recommendation is to limit consumption of red meat, sausages, fish and seafood.

If this disease is not treated, deposits of hard lumps can form in the extremities, called tophi. They can cause very strong pains.

In other cases, kidney problems may arise, especially kidney stones or kidney stones.

So start now to take care of what you eat and enjoy a moderate portion of meat from time to time.

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