Moringa New Food For Diabetes?

Moringa new food for diabetes? according to popular recommendations; a time was the noni, then the spirulina algae …

Thus, we have gone from one place to another looking for alternatives for the treatment of this disease that according to reports from the National Institute of Public Health (INSP), is since 2000, the first cause of death among Mexican women and the second Between the men.


Only in 2010, this disease caused about 83 thousand deaths in the country.

Moringa New Food for Diabetes?

What it is, what it contains and what it is for …

The moringa is a tree (Moringa Oleifera Lam) with great attention at the moment, basically calcium, protein and vitamin A are identified in it.

It is native to India and Pakistan and is a relative of cabbage and radish.

According to data from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) , through analysis it has been proven that the moringa leaf meal has a comparison with milk powder, due to the nutrients it provides.

Moringa leaves: They contain antioxidants such as isothiocyanates. The dried or fresh leaves of moringa are used as a supplement of vitamin A, since the quality of this can be preserved for up to 90 days in storage.

It is an excellent source of easily digested proteins and provides essential amino acids , that is, those amino acids that the body cannot produce by itself and requires external sources as moringa new food for diabetes.

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Moringa: its effects on health

The UNAM also details the evidence behind the main qualities attributed to moringa.

Cancer. Anticancer effect has been demonstrated only in studies in animals; stimulates the enzymes that deactivate malignant tumors.

Antibiotic. It has been discovered that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is sensitive to some substances that are extracted from this plant, so it has a protective effect.

Glucose. Animal studies and hepatic (liver) cells have been performed in the laboratory to prove that moringa is an effective alternative for blood glucose control.

This effect has been proven.

Cholesterol. It has also been found to be helpful in the control of blood cholesterol.

Warning: The UNAM emphasizes the consumption of pills, since some of them do not really bring the benefits of moringa,

“Up to now, there is no commercial product in Mexico that offers what the plant actually contributes.”

Therefore, always choose natural options, do not take risks with supplements or pills of dubious manufacture and origin asmoringa new food for diabetes.

The moringa dried or powdered are also good choices.

Knowing the current evidence about moringa and its nutritional components can give you a clear idea of the nutritional content of this food and understand where the trend towards its consumption arises, but above all so that you have options that are not only viable but safe for your health.

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