Cut 1 Lemon Into 4 Parts, And Put It in the Middle of Your Workplace

Aromatherapy (Cut 1 Lemon Into 4 Parts) is a treatment with the application of natural fragrances. Smells that feel the most subtle senses play a big role in our lives. The healing properties of essential oils have been explored in the distant past.

Cut 1 Lemon Into 4 Parts? Reason

The Chinese thought that the aromatic substance of the scent contained the magical powers and the soul of the herb. Treatment with grasses and aromas combined with massage and acupuncture.

Modern research has shown that aromatherapy helps stabilize the psychological state of people. Balances the processes occurring in the body and thus increases its resistance to external influences. The man returns the inner balance that enabled our ancestors to be in contact with nature.

Of all the senses, the recognition of the smell is most subtle and it transmits the signals of the external stimuli in the brain fastest. That’s why human reactions to smell are so fast. Scientists who have studied the development of the human brain have come up with very interesting conclusions.

It has been confirmed that brain participation in functions related to conscious thinking has developed from the beginning to the part responsible for the sense of smell, where emotional processes are controlled.

This is why you should cut a lemon into 4 parts and put it your workplace, also on your nightstand, kitchen and every place in your house.

It has been noted that those working with aromatic scents increase the efficiency of the work.

Entrepreneurial Japanese distribute such odors through cooling systems. The Japanese firm “Sumitsu” has built special holiday rooms for its workers in which they receive aromatic inhalation. Special aromatic activators are distributed in the rooms before the important meetings.

This company has developed over 20 photocomposition of aromas and herbs to increase the quality of work of developers and technicians. The number of programmers’ errors declined when inhaling a scent of jasmine by 3% of lavender by 20%, and by lemon – by 54%.

The experiment confirmed that the inhaling of the scent of lemon, eucalyptus and musk reduces the feeling of fatigue, stimulates the nervous system, provides the learning process and stimulates memory. A pleasant fresh lemon fragrance can be a useful remedy against stress.

The essence of the method consists in the fact that man is regularly given to inhale certain odors, for example, aromas of lemon and orange. After a short time, after recognizing the known scents, a person begins to relax without prior intent.

Such a reaction can cause not only the immediate inhalation of the aroma but also the mere recall of it. This is especially important for older people. Because they are exposed to stress due to illness, loss of loved ones, loss of independence, economic dependence, loneliness. Aromatherapy can greatly help overcoming stressful situations.

So far it has been thought that the nose is the only organ that responds to smells. However, this is not true. The ability of the aroma to penetrate the skin is very surprising.

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