Cilantro As Medicine? Did You Know That You Can Use

Cilantro As Medicine is one of the detoxifiers of heavy metals and other toxic pollutants that are most effective. For example the case of mercury, this type of heavy metals is very harmful to health when it is found in high quantities.

People who consume tuna on a regular basis are at risk of having high amounts of mercury and other heavy metals. By consuming coriander helps your body to expel those pollutants from your body, helping your body naturally in this process.

Cilantro has these properties, since its chemical compounds adhere to toxic metals helping to eliminate those from the body.

Benefits of Cilantro As Medicine

Cilantro As Medicine

Among the properties of coriander is that it is rich in oils that act on the digestive system, which stimulates the appetite and relieves irritation. Cilantro also has a large amount of vitamins, particularly vitamins A and K but it also contains enough vitamins B, C and E.

An infusion of coriander fruits can help to expel mucus from the respiratory system, stimulate the production of breast milk, mitigate liver failure, cleanse the body of harmful substances such as metals, bacteria, LDL cholesterol, etc.

In summary, cilantro has the following properties:

-Coriander is used to help digestion
-Coriander is used as an antibacterial
the cilantro helps to recover the appetite
-Has properties that help with urinary tract infections
-Coriander refreshes the breath
-Coriander prepared in tea or infusion, helps reduce or eliminate headaches, especially those caused by colds or flu
-the oil has aromatic properties so it is used in lotions, perfumes and creams
-Has anti-inflammatory properties so it is used in creams against joint pains and rheumatism.
-Helps to decrease bad cholesterol and raise the good
-Can help with menstrual problems
-Helps promote sleep
-Help in cases of metal toxicity

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