10 Shocking Facts If You Are Banana Lover

If You Are Banana Lover, only when they are mature. When the banana is mature, no green spots are observed, especially at the ends. When mature, the banana contains more than 75% water, while the sugar content is 22%. But sugar is fully realized when the banana is completely mature. It is rich in potassium, sodium, and magnesium.

10 Shocking Facts If You Are Banana Lover

When bananas are mature, they are particularly sensitive to low temperatures. If they are put in a refrigerator, they will darken and lose their taste. To extend their lifespan, they should be maintained at a temperature slightly higher than 10 degrees Celsius.

Full and round bananas have a better taste and are prettier. Bananas are ripe when they have small dark spots.

Bananas are carbohydrate fruits. They contain a large percentage of natural sugar, but their water content is high. They are easily digested in the digestive process when they are mature and can be consumed at the same time as other fruits.

If you are banana lover read these 10 facts, you will be surprised

1. The smell of banana can reduce appetite

Probably this will keep your attention. According to a study by the Chicago Institute of Odor and Flavor, certain food scents can fool the brain so that he thinks we really eat this food. Such a food is a banana. If you are not convinced, the next time you have a banana at hand, scrub it and make sure you feel a sieve.

2. Bananas can improve your physical abilities

Olympian Johan Blake eats 16 bananas a day, so he certainly had a good reason for it. A recent study by the Alabaster State University Laboratory has found that consuming half a banana every 15 minutes during a test on a bicycle has the same effect as drink a sports drink every 15 minutes. If you are active, bananas are a great way to give fuel to your muscles while at the same time allowing you to import antioxidants and other nutritional ingredients that are missing in sports drinks.

3. Bananas are great dietary foods

A medium banana has about 110 calories, 30 grams of sugars and 3 grams of fiber. In addition to fiber plants, bananas contain starch-digesters that cannot be digested in our body and make us feel good for a long time.

4. The banana is multipurpose

Bananas are fruit that can be eaten only or used in many recipes. We can not say that we ever met a recipe with a banana that we did not like. Its taste offers multipurpose use.

5. Bananas can make you happy

A small banana contains 27 mg magnesium that helps improve mood. Men and women need 420 mg, or 320 mg of magnesium. The disadvantage of this element in the body is associated with depression, anxiety, susceptibility to irritation and other psychological disorders.

6. The banana is full of vitamin c

When it comes to vitamin C, it is commonly spoken of oranges, but did you know that the banana contains 15 percent of the daily vitamin C needs? Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps neutralize harmful radicals and systemic inflammation. It also stimulates the production of collagen that keeps muscles, bones and other tissues together. If you need another reason, vitamin C maintains the health of your blood vessels and helps absorption of iron and folic acid.

7. The banana calms the upset stomach

Bananas are easy for the stomach and are considered as fruit that does not cause irritation. Consuming bananas, rice, baked apples and baked bread is recommended in patients with anxious bowel syndrome. Bananas are also the first fruit that you can import into the baby’s diet.

8. Bananas are rich in vitamin B6

Bananas contain 20 percent of the required daily amount of vitamin B6, which helps the body in the production of amino acids necessary for the production of healthy cells.

9. The banana split was invented in 1904 in Pennsylvania

According to the Book of Banana Split: Everything You Need to Know About The Best American Dessert, this dessert was invented in 1904 by David Evans Strickler, a 23-year-old pharmacist at Tassell Pharmacy, located in Pennsylvania. The original recipe for banana split contains three balls of ice cream (chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry), a whole banana, chocolate sauce, strawberries, pineapple pieces, chopped peanuts, cherries and whipped cream. The calorific value of this dessert can vary from 500 to 1000 calories.

10. Is there really a risk of bananas disappearing?

Although it sounds unbelievable, scientists are afraid that there is a risk of bananas disappearing in about ten years. Namely, at present, two types of fungal diseases attack plantations with bananas. Just because of the fear of this danger, large companies are constantly working on the invention of new species.

Almost all bananas that we eat today are clones of naturally mutated bananas that farmers have discovered 10 000 years ago. A rare mutation caused the bananas to grow without seeds, and farmers breed them with severity.

In the 1950s, the owners of banana plantations were astounded when the dominant species Gros Michael was attacked by Panama disease. Then on the scene came today’s dominant kind, Cavendish.

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